We are aware that due to the nature of the work, environmental and social impacts (positive and negative) are generated within the company (premises) as well as outside on project sites. Considering specific situations on site, there is a varying degree of control MACS can have over relevant aspects, however, the same principles and guidelines apply. Below is a list of the focal points and measures taken to ensure best practice:

  • Sustainability in procurement and along the supply chain;
  • Choice of transport to project locations to minimize the frequency of flights as well as overall travel;
  • Renewable energy use, increasing of energy efficiency, reduce carbon emission;
  • Water use and wastewater management;
  • Close consultation and participation of local stakeholders;
  • Waste disposal.

We decided to further formalize and communicate the guiding principles by adhering to the UN Global Compact and by following ISO 14001 requirements. MACS has defined the following overall sustainability Goals for its services:

  • Increase access for communities to sustainable water supply and sanitation:
  • Enhance resource efficiency:
  • Achieve Energy Transition (decarbonization):
  • Alignment with Paris Climate Goals: EU Non-Financial Reporting KPIs (SDG)