Water use efficiency (NRW and Loss Reduction)

Non Revenue Water (NRW) is a key measure for a utility’s overall operational and financial efficiency. We apply the IWA standard water balance to assist utilities in quantifying the different components of NRW.

With our many years of first-hand experiences in assisting NRW reduction measures, MACS is able to provide sophisticated technical assistance for the whole range of NRW reduction measures which include:

  • District Metered Areas (DMA)
  • Pressure Management
  • Active Leakage Control (ALC)
  • Leak Repair
  • Infrastructure Management

From our significant experience with NRW reduction strategy development and its implementation and institutionalization in utilities, we understand that NRW reduction is not only a technical problem, but as much or even more of an institutional problem. To tackle these issues, MACS has adapted best practices in change management to the context of water and wastewater utilities and developed a monitoring tool called the Change Management Index (CMI).