E&S Impact Assessment

Systematic assessment of impacts on the environment and the society and the integration of comprehensive measures to avoid, mitigate and/or offset these impacts is paramount for the sustainability of all infrastructure projects.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is more than a planning exercise, it is a process that has the potential to alter the design of the proposed project. Components of the ESIA process or ESIA as a whole are often requirements for project licensing and permitting. Therefore, efforts invested in an ESIA often facilitate and streamline project development. ESIA is also a vehicle for engaging with decision-makers, local communities and other stakeholders.

We at MACS provide tailored environmental and social support across the project lifecycle. Our ESIA services include:

  • ESIA studies
  • Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans (ESMMP)
  • Gap analysis and compliance with regulatory and IFI requirements
  • ESIA Screening and scoping
  • Environmental and Social Baseline Assessment and Monitoring
  • Environmental and Social Audits
  • Gender Based Assessment and Action Plans
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Plans
  • Grievance Redress Mechanism
  • Livelihood and Resettlement Action Plans
  • Land Access, Acquisition and Compensation Plans
  • Climate change impact analysis