Consulting & Advisory

Good consulting requires good communication. At MACS, we place great importance in matching our technical expertise with engaging and transparent communication towards clients and beneficiaries. We believe that this is crucial because to our understanding the raison d’être for Consulting Services is about facilitating decision-making which require both - solid information and adequate communication.

Our philosophy of Communication Information Decision (CID) is an underlying principle and central theme during all our work assignments and generally includes the following:

  • Analysing needs: Through document review but also continuous assessment on-sight, we closely analyse the challenges and needs of clients as well as relevant stakeholders to adapt our consultancy approach to obtain best results.
  • Establishing structures: We support the creating of communication and coordination structures including steering committees, stakeholder meetings or special working groups to enable engagement, transparency and ownership which are important factors for project success.
  • Providing information flow: We combine high quality reports with effective communication and moderation techniques, e.g. during interactive workshops, site-visits or training sessions to allow for a best transfer of information and build up knowledge.  
  • Facilitating decision making: We enable qualified decision by supporting decision makers with our financial, technical and institutional know-how especially when discussing the pros and cons of possible solutions. Furthermore, we facilitate successful implementation by defining action plans, milestones, KPIs and procedures.