Green Taxonomy

Accompanying its clients on European Commission’s 2050 carbon reduction roadmap, MACS has developed legal and technical expertise within the framework of the new European Green Taxonomy. Still under development and coming soon into force, the taxonomy is a classification tool identifying economic activities’ alignment to EU’s 2050 low-carbon economy.

Different actors of the economy will be by the end of 2021, required to disclose their alignment to this low-carbon path. Building on its strong technical background and on its recent learnings, MACS provides for its clients, EU taxonomy alignment services such as:

  • Portfolio assessment
  • Project assessment
  • Strategical advice on assessment’s paths

Continuously contributing and following the European Commission 2050 Climate action milestones, we keep our knowledge evolving. Our clients rely on MACS services because we offer a proven experience in Energy efficiency, Renewable Energy as well as in Water services, and provide them with the latest legal requirements evolutions.

In line with the UN sustainable development framework and its SDGs, MACS supports its clients in the development of reporting KPIs corresponding to the disclosure requirement of the SFRD and the SFDR. The development of sustainability reporting can be used by our clients as a basis to assert sustainability risks for their in-house risk assessment for a medium or a long-term outlook.