Institutional Strengthening and Change Management

In the framework of infrastructure projects, the adequate institutional structure is often insufficiently organized. For us this is the core for success. The anchoring of an investment in the right place, allowing for the development of ownership of the beneficiaries and active participation of stakeholders in adequate management, operation and maintenance is indispensable.

The right institutional approach is linked with change management. Change needs to happen but also needs to be managed in order to impact in the intended way. We apply a tested tool kit, which is scientifically developed and practically tested in order to make stakeholders actively manage the change.

In a water sector context change management is always needed as different influence spheres are affecting the development of an institution and hamper management by objectives. The MACS approach is tested on the area of water supply network management optimization towards a progressive Non-Revenue Water (NRW) management as it involves all departments – management, technical operation, maintenance and commercial customer management - of a utility. The MACS Change Management Index which has been well received in the water community. The IWA: Water Utility Management International June 2013, Volume 8, Issue 2.