BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA: eSave Implementation Trainings at Sparkasse Bank BiH

On-site eSave Trainings at Sparkasse Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 24th and 25th of April

MACS held two eSave training sessions for Sparkasse Bank BiH, on 24th and 25th April 2023 in the context of the eSave Implementation Series to supply eSave trainins and Advisory to tue utilization of eSave to Parter Financial Institutions of the Green for Growth Fund (GGF)

The trainings were held in the headquarters of the Bank in Sarajevo. In total 28 participants attended the training, of which 13 participated during the session on 24th and 15 during the session on 25th of April. The participants were active and had a lot of questions about EE/RE projects.
The greatest interest was concentrated around the topic of standard measures:

  • Insulation of external walls and roofs
  • Replacement of conventional heating systems with a heat pump,
  • and installation of solar panels.

The GGF funding will most likely be distributed amoung the corporate department with a main share and the retail department.

Representatives of the Technical Assistance Manageemnt to GGF (FInance in Motion)  attended the training session on 24 April.