BRAZIL: New IDB Contract for sanitary sewerage solutions

MACS do Brazil confirms new contract with IDB for sanitary sewerage solutions in rural regions of Brazil.

MACS do Brasil has been invited to negotiate the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) contract to conceive and define technical, economic, commercial and managerial criteria for the adoption of individual and / or collective sanitary sewage solutions, in areas of low demographic density , with less operational and maintenance complexity, and usually associated with innovative technologies. A law changed the legal framework for the basic sanitation sector and set a target of 90% for the increase in sanitary sewerage coverage by 2033 and the support to reach that goal is provided in the so-called Technologies Appropriate, which are those that allow communities to be served with sanitation services in safe and efficient sanitary conditions, accepted by the communities and that include constructive, operational and cost aspects compatible with the socioeconomic, environmental and cultural characteristics of the respective communities.

The Empresa Baiana de Água e Saneamento S.A. (Embasa) will be the final beneficiary of this Study.