GEORGIA: Market for Wastewater Sludge

In the framework of the Rehabilitation of Municipal Infrastructure, Batumi Georgia, MACS provides assistance to the Municipality of Batumi and the Municipal Water Utility Batumi Tskali.

MACS also developed a sludge concept for the construction of a modern Wastewater Treatment Plant. A market assessment resulted in a demand for sludge by small-scale farmers, gardening companies and the municipal park and greens management company.

Years later reality proves that there is a market for quality sludge. The sludge quality is analyzed on an annual basis and shows that the content is not only without risk, it’s also considered a good fertilizer rich in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. Customers conclude contracts with Batumi Tskali, take the sludge from the wastewater treatment plant and pay for it. This is considered a sustainable solution that makes use of finite resources.