GEORGIA: New Article in "The Source": Adapting the urban model for rural supply

The April 2020 Version of the "The Source" Magazine by the International Water Association published an article highlighting the project of water sector reform programme in Ajara that MACS is working on together with GITEC.

At the end of 2019, the government of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, a region of southwest Georgia  in the Southern Caucasus, and a former Sovjet Republic, began implementing a pogramme for sector reform and improvement of water supply and sanitation in rural areas.

The programme covers the five semi-urban municipal centres, as well as 38 of 200 rural villages. Most of these villages need an independent water supply and sanitation system, although several of them can be supplied through the centralised water supply systems serving the municipal centres. Altogether, 50,000 inhabitants will benefit directly.....

This Article was published by "The Source", the Magazine of the international Water Association in this Quarter's Edition (p.48-49) about the Programme that MACS ans GITEC have been working on together since 2019. The complete article can be found in the print-version of the Magazine and in digital Form following this Link : Adapting the urban model for rural supply.