PERU: ESIA experts visit SEDALIB as part of the project Perdidas II in Trujillo

In te context of the Perdidas II Project in Trujillo, funded by KfW, further site visits have been implemented:

MACS national and international ESIA experts visited Trujillo to hold meetings with SEDALIB’s personnel and engaged with the environmental management of the company.

Activities included a visit to the COVICORTI WWTP and the drinking water treatment plant, which is managed by the Chavimochi project. Additionally, our experts conducted a visual inspection of the pilot areas of the project in order to identify the preliminary E&S impacts of it.

The main focus of MACS in this regard is to support SEDALIB to increase its resilience to climate change and establish strategies to face the future challenges that this could bring in the water supply.

Check out the SEDALIB Facebook Page for more information here: SEDALIB S.A.