Project Details

Location: Jordan
Client: Water Authority of Jordan
Budget: 38,879 €
Financier: KfW

Info: Analysis of a potential performance-based service contract

Jordan: Water reuse in Jordan

The Water Authority of Jordan is implementing a wastewater reuse system in the north of the country under a KfW program. The goal is to substitute fresh water irrigation with treated wastewater, which is expected to partially address the water scarcity problem of the country. The system comprises of three wastewater treatment plants, a transmission pipeline for the treated water from the three plants to the Jordan Valley, a final treatment station and a hydropower plant.

In order to guarantee sound and mid-to long-term sustainable operation of the reuse system and support the Water Authority of Jordan in moving forward, MACS has carried out a financial and economic cost-benefit analysis of a potential performance-based service contract compared to the current operation.