MOLDOVA: Homepage Launch Apa Canal Cantemir

Brandnew Homepage launched for Apa Canal Cantemir in the Context of an ADA funded Water and Wastewater Disposal Project in Moldova

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is funding a Project to establish safe wastewater disposal in the Town of Cantemir, Moldova, in which Framework MACS and Posch & Partners are tasked with site supervision and accompanying measures for Apa Canal Cantemir, starting two years ago in 2019. In line with the support and to organizational structure, consumer awareness and water governance, MACS has just launched a brand new Website for the water municipality functioning as information hub for customers, contact gateway for complaints and questions as well as bi-lingual presentation of Apa Canal Cantemir to the entirety of Moldova and the world.

The site can be explored via this Link: Apa Canal Cantemir