PERU: Non-revenue water reduction programme Huánuco

This January 8th, the designated expert team from MACS Energy & Water, together with the consortium lead GITEC-IGIP and partner WMI, had the pleasure to start the non-revenue water (NRW) reduction programme ( 'Programa de Reducción de Pérdidas de Agua II - PRPA II Proyecto Huánuco') in Huánuco, the central mountainous region of Peru.

The project has a similar approach to the Perdidas II Project the consortium is currently implementing in Trujillo, northern Perú, developed for the PRPA II programme funded by KfW and SECO.

In this Huánuco project, MACS will support the institutional, commercial and operational development sections, as well as socio-environmental education via implementation of the WASH approach.

The project will continue until late 2026 and include the improvement of organizational structures of the utility and technical training in O&M for all existing facilities, besides sanitary education for the community and other activities.