PERU: Award of the Project for the Reduction of Water losses in Trujillo

Together with the Lead Company Gitec and Consortium Partner WMI form France, MACS has been contracted to implement the Project "Programa de Reducción de Pérdidas de Agua II" in Trujillo, Peru.

MACS prepared the concept for the Trujillo Water Loss Programme in 2016/2017 and will now be part of the Project Team consisting of Gitec-IGIP and WMI, contracted to implement the Trujillo Water Loss Programme II for the next 4 years. Headquaters in Peru have already been instated and mobilisation will start in the upcoming weeks.

The main objective of the project is "to improve the efficiency of water use in order to contribute to the sustainable supply of drinking water to the population of the Project area", taking into account the intensification of the scarcity of water resources due to climate change.

MACS and the Consortium will cooperate closely with and support the local water authority SEDALIB with institutional strengthening to ultimately reduce the water losses in technical and commercial terms in the company's network to a level of 8%.