SPAIN / INDONESIA: Presentation of Climate Change Adaptation Project at JIA 2023

In the Context of the Climate Assessment of an urban water utility in Indeonesia with a focus on mitigation and resilience for, the MACS team developed a Hydraulic Model to assess climate risks and how to adapt to future changes.

The Hydraulic Expert, Mr Josep Pons presented the Project Process and the developed hydraulic Model for PDAM Sleman at the 7th Jornadas de IngenierĂ­a del Agua, also known as JIA 2023, at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain.

In Collaboration with Experts On-Site and our Climate Risk Expert Dr. Evadzi, the Utilization of the ECAM Tool and the Simulation of CRIDA-NRW-Pumping efficiency, the climate resilience and mitigation capabilities of the selected utility were assessed and the team could identify areas of improvement and propose targeted interventions. Based on this comprehensive approach the study developed strategies to enhance the utility's ability to withstand climate-related challenges.

Despite the initial level of the study, the approach caught some attention at the Summit and promises further development in the future.